1-Release the pain of your negative emotions


2-Transform your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs


3-Actualize yourself to achieve a life of creativity and self expression.


What if it was possible to free yourself from stress and anxiety, to heal your emotional wounds and trauma, to remove the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals, and to finally live free and inspired.


EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or tapping, allows us to free ourselves from repetitive negative behavior whether they are emotionally or psychologically based.

With Matrix Re-imprinting we can go even further and replace this behavior with new scenarios, and experiences, generating and encoding positive emotions and thoughts filled with new resources.


We have entered a new era of neuroscience that reveal to us the functioning of our brain and in consequence offers us amazing and new tools to change and transform our lives.


These last ten years the scientific observation and study of our emotional brain helped us to understand the role and impact that our emotions and thoughts have on the bio- chemistry of our body. Every time we think something, every time we feel an emotion, the brain triggers a cascade of biochemical processes that creates various sensations.


All the aspects of our being are integrated together, inseparable. Thoughts - emotions-physiology - genetics - the impact of the environment - beliefs - all these domains are connected and influence each other.


Energy Psychology


A whole series of techniques appeared these last thirty years in the field of psychology and they are grouped under the heading of “energy psychology”.

Techniques like EFT, emotional freedom technique, or tapping make possible the erasing of trauma, of negative thoughts and emotions stored in our emotional brain. And we can also substitute for them much more positive emotions than those often triggered unconsciously in an automatic way. With EFT we can profoundly transform our way of thinking and really free ourselves of our limitations to living freely.